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This blog was a journal of my experiences with Smalltalk and Seaside. I was a .Net developer, experienced with C# and Visual Basic at the time. I got into programming shortly after getting out of the Air Force where I spent four years at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque in the late 90's. I was helping a buddy of mine with a homework assignment he'd been given using Microsoft's Active Server Pages. I've been doing web development professionally ever since, but I was very much entrenched in the Microsoft world of programming.

I've been programming in Smalltalk as a hobby for quite a few years now, and finally decided to change jobs so I could program in Smalltalk professionally, .Net just can't compete for me anymore. Since I picked up Smalltalk, I've also begun learning things from the other side of the tracks, the Linux world. I'm now a huge fan of Linux and the philosophy that lot's of little tools that can be assembled into a working solution.

I use Apache, Squeak, Linux, and Cygwin for much of my work these days, and freely mix and match whatever tools are best suited to solve a problem, be it from Microsoft, or not. I've become a very big fan of open source software and feel much more confident using OSS solutions than anything else these days. I've gained a huge sense of freedom from OSS tools that I've never felt using Microsoft tools. No longer am I stuck waiting for the next big thing, I'm now using it as it evolves daily.

I've become a big fan of the Seaside and Scriptaculous frameworks and use them daily. I plan to write about anything I find interesting in my work on this blog, which will serve both to reinforce my own experiences and as a place to document some of my knowledge for my own future needs. This blog itself is also written in Seaside and running on Squeak Smalltalk on an Ubuntu Linux server.

Feel free to email me.

-- Ramon Leon

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