8 years dead this old blog; still hundreds of active subscribers to the old rss feeds; amazing. Seaside and Smalltalk never took over the world, but I still use them daily, guess I'm an old gray beard now, but it's a nice beard. :)

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Torsten 2018 days ago

... you just need to continue blogging

Ramon Leon 2018 days ago

I probably will at some point.

Mike Forster 2016 days ago

8 years ago, I found it to be a great resource--and I still refer back to it. Hope to see you writing again (but I know how precious time is).

Thiago 2016 days ago

Welcome back.

Benoit St-Jean 2014 days ago

Finally back! Cool! Great!

Tim M 1978 days ago

There is still lots of energy around - would be great to read some more from you.

Jovan Trujillo 1971 days ago

Time for  machine learning with Smalltalk articles!

Yorga 1775 days ago

Rise! ;)

Also anything about IoC?... :D

Ian Fairman 1970 days ago

This is still one of the best articles written on OO ever:


Ramon 1970 days ago


R Arun 1947 days ago

Please revive!

timothy 1912 days ago

Got here searching for AXAnnouncments to use on a Seaside project. Got you bookmarked. Algol delende est.

Travis Kay 1893 days ago

It's been a really long while, but I keep checking in over the years.

Too bad many of us don't have the smalltalk option.

Jason Smith 1810 days ago

Hey Ramon, it was over a decade ago you mentored me in OOP and the dynamics of language using what i already liked, Javascript, and showed me a whole other world in Smalltalk. I have learned programming principals from you more than 10 years ago that i still employ today. It's me, Jason over at weightwatchers.com :), i've since left that co. Start blogging again!

Carl Gundel 1766 days ago

I really appreciate what you've done here and I hope you continue to blog about Smalltalk going forward. New versions of Smalltalk both commercial and open source continue to be released. It isn't a dead language.

I would recommend to others who want to do Smalltalk what I did on a couple of my old non-Smalltalk jobs. Prototype stuff in Smalltalk when you can. I have seen great things come from this.

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