8 years dead this old blog; still hundreds of active subscribers to the old rss feeds; amazing. Seaside and Smalltalk never took over the world, but I still use them daily, guess I'm an old gray beard now, but it's a nice beard. :)

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Torsten 209 days ago

... you just need to continue blogging

Ramon Leon 208 days ago

I probably will at some point.

Mike Forster 207 days ago

8 years ago, I found it to be a great resource--and I still refer back to it. Hope to see you writing again (but I know how precious time is).

Thiago 207 days ago

Welcome back.

Benoit St-Jean 205 days ago

Finally back! Cool! Great!

Tim M 169 days ago

There is still lots of energy around - would be great to read some more from you.

Jovan Trujillo 162 days ago

Time for  machine learning with Smalltalk articles!

Ian Fairman 161 days ago

This is still one of the best articles written on OO ever:


Ramon 161 days ago


R Arun 138 days ago

Please revive!

timothy 103 days ago

Got here searching for AXAnnouncments to use on a Seaside project. Got you bookmarked. Algol delende est.

Travis Kay 84 days ago

It's been a really long while, but I keep checking in over the years.

Too bad many of us don't have the smalltalk option.

Jason Smith 1 day ago

Hey Ramon, it was over a decade ago you mentored me in OOP and the dynamics of language using what i already liked, Javascript, and showed me a whole other world in Smalltalk. I have learned programming principals from you more than 10 years ago that i still employ today. It's me, Jason over at weightwatchers.com :), i've since left that co. Start blogging again!

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