Interest in Seaside and Smalltalk Looking Good

Smalltalk and Seaside are more popular than I thought, at least, by the traffic on my site. I'll report the numbers because well, they actually surprise me. Here's the numbers for just October, my first full month.

Page Views

  • Total 59,443
  • Average Per Day 1,857
  • Average Views per Visitor 2.57


  • Total 23,167
  • Average Per Day 723

Here's for Europe...

And the America's...

And even some interest in India, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia...

Let's hope the community continues to grow, I'd love to see Smalltalk get at least a little more mainstream, just to have more tools and free code available. Go Smalltalk!

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Richard 6473 days ago

Where did you get the numbers from?

Ramon Leon 6473 days ago

Sorry, forgot to mention, Google stats from my site, post amended.

Eric 6472 days ago

How did you generate those images? (continents with orange bubbles)

Ramon Leon 6472 days ago

Those came from Google Analytics, not me.

[...] The bottom-line comes down to producing valuable content to your visitors. There are several recent examples of this in the blogsphere. The first being John Chow’s blog. He started his blog earlier this year, and just in the month of October, 2006, his blogging income was $1,361.64 based on Google AdSense and Vibrant Media IntelliTXT alone. [:on | smalltalk] is another site (also a blog) that demonstrates the traffic-driving power of valuable content. Within just a few months, the author has been able to gain 23167 visitors (October, 2006 statistics). [...]

Frank Shearar 6355 days ago

Hey! What happened to Africa? There at least three Squeak Smalltalkers in South Africa alone! Why, with the rest of the continent added I'm sure you'd need another hand on which to count us!

Ramon Leon 6355 days ago

LOL, at the time of the post, there weren't any Africans.

David Mitchell 6120 days ago

I question the Google Analytics accuracy. I am in Kansas City and I've been reading your blog for over a year.

Ramon Leon 6119 days ago

A year huh, wow, I guess it has been that long. You must have found me as soon as I started. Oh well, old stats anyway.

Amos 6062 days ago

I'd be very curious to see those images, but it appears they references (e.g. http://onsmalltalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/east.jpg) are no longer correct :-(

Any chance you could update the links?

Ramon Leon 6062 days ago

Ah, I moved to a Linux server, filenames are now case sensitive, unlike the previous windows host.

Amos 6062 days ago

Brilliant, thanks =o)

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