05 Dec 2006 > Squeak Image Updated

Just a quick notification that I've updated my squeak image. I do this occasionally to keep my base up to date with the latest and greatest of the frameworks I use.

In this update I loaded Albatross, a great new testing framework for Seaside that lets you write SUnit Tests against Seaside apps like this little test for the blog I built in a previous post...

    | body |
    body := Random sentenceMaxWords: 200.
        click: 'New Post';
        enter: Random sentence for: 'Title:';
        enter: body for: 'Body:';
        click: 'Save'.
    self assert: (browser textExists: body)

This test automates the browser just like Ruby's Watir or Selenium so all your Ajax code will be tested, but IMHO, has a much nicer test API, thanks to Smalltalk.

I also fixed a bug in the refactoring browser in my image that was causing a DNU on renaming a method. I fixed up my two refactoring additions to the browser for creating accessors with Magritte descriptors on the class side. The collaboration accessor now produces simpler and more useable code, I removed some unnecessary experimental code I was generating and forgot to take out. Made a couple small changes to my garbageCollect method to be compatible with 3.9, and finally, I updated all libraries to the current versions I'm using in my own development and production images.

I'm still using a 3.8.1 image, but I'll probably be upgrading to 3.9 soon, I've got a working image that contains my enhancements, which took a bit of hacking and merging to get going.

I use a custom port of Monticello and rely heavily on its dependency mechanism to properly load dependent packages. The default mechanism doesn't work correctly IMHO, and I haven't yet had the time to tackle learning Monticello configurations, nor have I found any good documentation on it. The version of Monticello in 3.9 is different from 3.8, and not as good IMHO. I can no longer see my dependencies because the packages no long have tree controls listing the dependencies. The tool bar is messed up and gets huge when you maximize a window, a side effect of some changes in ToolBuilder I think, but I could be wrong.

The KeyBinder can no longer be configured to use right click to edit key bindings because right clicking now brings up some other menu globally. Now I have to deal with the KeyBinder popping up every time I accidentally hover over it, an annoyance but something I can live with.

I hacked through a broken installer and got Andreas's Win32 Native fonts working, which to me, is the one thing that really makes Squeak feel right and usable. A couple hacks to SystemWindow to get the border width down to a reasonable 2px and a few more to fix those annoying floating corner grips which get out of whack when you mess with the border width.

All in all, I'm a bit annoyed by 3.9, but I want to be able to use Traits, Göran's namespaces, and Pragmas, so I'm going to have to bit the bullet and upgrade soon. When I do, and have a good working image done my style, I'll post it here.]

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me 6411 days ago

If you are annoyed by the toolbuilder monticello either: - uncomment the second line in MCTool >> #show: - load an impara backport (they contain toolbuilder fixes by andereas from: http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=5217 or: http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=4991

Monticello config maps are straight forward (the ui is just crap, but what isn't in squeak?): - the big middle pane contains a an odered list of dependencies - the pane contains a list of repositories from which to load the packages - you want to use store and not post - you can add stuff by right clicking in the pane and select add ... - you can open a map by selecting it in the monticello browser and hit browse - you can load the packages in a map by clicking load in the monticello browser or install -> load packages in the mcc browser - you can update the packages in a map by clicking update (you probably want from image) - mcc doesn't work out of the box in 3.9, please contact the maintaier

Ramon Leon 6411 days ago

Thanks "me", whoever you are, I'll definitely check those fixes out and give mcc a try in the next few days.

Damien Cassou 6411 days ago

Hi Ramon,

if you go to 3.9, please try to use squeak-dev image http://damien.cassou.free.fr/squeak-dev/ or squeak-web/. They are 3.9 images ready to use for a developer with some loaded packages (shout, eCompletion, DynamicProtocols) and some prepared packages (only one click is required to install/load a prepared package).

If you feel the need to modify a squeak-dev image (manually installing a missing package or a bug correction), please tell me so that I can upgrade the image.


P.S. If you want to answer, please send me a mail

German Arduino 6410 days ago

I'm also annoyed with 3.9. I tried starting using several times, but lots and lots of lack of time trying make it works to web development.

Now, with the final version all seems to works..........except accented characters, a problem very well solved in 3.8, but again giving problems in 3.9.


Ramon Leon 6410 days ago

I'm evaluating the Squeak dev image, I haven't yet chosen my final 3.9 starting point. It'll take some more play, and some work in an upcoming side project to see things shake out.

me 6409 days ago

@German Arduino Please stop spreading FUD. Squeak 3.9 handles "accented characters" the very same way as 3.8.

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