20 October 2007 > Squeak Image Updated

Just a quick notification that I updated my squeak image a few days ago, I'm just getting around to posting about it.

It's based on Damien Cassou's Squeak Dev Image (Squeak 3.9), an awesome base image with all the necessary goodies a developer needs. Of course I've loaded up my window customizations and preferences, nicer looking fonts, and have all the preferences set the way I like. The main update here is Squeaks great new UI enhancements from Gary Chambers and Seaside 2.8. Squeak has never looked better, I hope to see the UI enhancements continue to make Squeak a tool for grown ups.

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Bill 5977 days ago

Thanks for this. (btw- edit key bindings raises an error)

Bernard Notarianni 5976 days ago

Thank you Ramon. I do love your Dev Image :-)

I agree with you: squeak never looked nicer and I see it like a great opportunity to touch a wider audience.

Ramon Leon 5973 days ago

KeyBindings have been fixed.

Rajeev Lochan 5968 days ago

Hi Ramon, Great Image and its got very good GUI. One problem I am facing is that popupAnchor doesnt work properly in IE 6 for your image. A new window does popup, but the old browser where we clicked also renders the content that is supposed to be rendered in popup window. The problem also exists in all Damien's images.

I had posted about this problem on Seaside Mailing List and Lukas had replied back saying that maybe Web-images of Damien were broken at those points. Can you figure out why it is behaving like that and fix it in your image.

I have an application which depends on popupAnchor to certain extent.

Thanks & Regards, Rajeev

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