SandstoneDb GOODS adaptor

SandstoneDb was written mostly as a rails'ish API for a simple object database for use in small office and prototype applications (plus I needed a db for this blog). Which object database wasn't really important to me at the time, it was the API that I wanted, so I made the actual object store backing it pluggable and initially wrote two different store adaptors for it. The first was a memory store which was little more than a dictionary of dictionaries against which I wrote all the unit tests. The second was a prevayler style file based store that used SmartRefStream serialization and loaded everything from disk on startup; this provided a crash proof Squeak images which wouldn't lose data.

I figured eventually, for fun I might get around to writing adaptors for some of the other object database back-ends that are in use: GOODS and Omnibase. I never really got around to it; however, Nico Schwarz has written a GOODS adaptor for SandstoneDb. This will let you hook up multiple squeak images to a single store and should scale better than the file store that SandstoneDb defaults to.

Go check it out and let him know what you think of it. This is just the kind of project that'll help programmers new to Seaside get going and get accustomed to using an object database rather than a relational one. It looks like his first blog post as well, so swing by and leave a comment to encourage more posts, we need more bloggers spreading the word!

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Niko Schwarz 5517 days ago

Hi! It really was my first blog post! Thanks for all the attention :)

Ramon Leon 5516 days ago

No prob, just keep posting stuff as you learn it.

Paul Celibataire 5478 days ago

Hi, I am trying it at the moment. I'll let you know what I think.

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