On Blogging

Well here it is, my first blog entry! hmm... kinda anti-climatic wasn't it? The name is a play on Paul Graham's book "On Lisp". I plan on using this blog to write about my daily adventures in Seaside, a framework inspired by Paul's early work on Yahoo Stores. It's the best web framework around, but there's not a huge community using it, and little written about it. Most of us using it, learned how it worked by reading the source code, and much trial and error.

Having learned Smalltalk and Seaside, I found my job as a .Net programmer suddenly unbearable, everything was simply too much work. To correct this, I quit my job, and found a new job, where I was free to introduce Smalltalk and Seaside into the mix, something my old company would never allow. I'm now doing most of my new development in Seaside, so I'm hoping I'll have plenty to share as I stumble around and really get some work experience on this framework. I also just wanted a reason to sharpen my writing skills a bit, I don't do it nearly enough.

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