Great Moments in Modern Computer History

Here's a post from a guy who's collected quite a bit of nice historical information into one giant blog entry he calls Great Moments in Modern Computer History. It includes some interesting video, and a link to the mother of all demos, something I was very impressed by the first time I saw it a few years ago.

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ReqNam 6396 days ago

How about a screenshot for the curious?

Ramon Leon 6396 days ago

OK, done.

Geert 6358 days ago

I completely agree that the standard Squeak image looks freaky. I would love to find out how to customize it independently of OS (don't have a windows box). I am just starting with Squeak and I like the Ambrai look and feel, how would you go about trying to achieve that in Squeak? Are there any other places where people share their better looking Squeak images?

Ramon Leon 6357 days ago

Only place I know is on the Squeak Dev list, you can always ask, plenty of people there to point you to a good resource.

Jason Rogers 6353 days ago


Thanks for the image, but as you say there are some broken things. I added SSApp, SSComponent and SSSession to the image. What I was disappointed in was the lack of Magritte specific menu commands. How did you add them? Also, how did you add the code formatting to the menu ('Pretty Print').

Ramon Leon 6352 days ago

SSApp, SSComponent, and SSSession are just my own standard subclasses of WAComponent and WASession in Seaside. Pretty print is just a standard part of the menu, I didn't add that. I only added two create accessor methods to the sub-menu where the standard create accessor is.

Jason Rogers 6346 days ago

I just now found the prettyPrint menu item by going to the 'more...' menu. I don't know if I have ever needed the 'more...' menu.

Regarding the two create accessor methods on the sub-menu, would you share the code?


Ramon Leon 6346 days ago

If you hold down shift when you right click... what's in the more menu comes up first, faster than selecting more.

I have shared the code, just download the above image. You'll find it in the SentorsaCustomBrowser category.

Bernard Notarianni 6344 days ago

Thank you very much Ramon! This image is lovely and a like very much the way you customized it. I still dont have the knowledge to do that myself and I am very happy you did share your image with us.

Thanx :-)

Ramon Leon 6344 days ago

You're welcome!

[...] My Squeak Image [...]

David Mitchell 6340 days ago

Thanks Ramon. One of the things I love about images and Squeak is how easy it is to share a working environment. I had wanted to try the simple browser since I saw your screencast.

Very nice looking!

Ben Berry 6273 days ago

Thanks, Ramon! Looks fine on MacBook Pro.

Giles Bowkett 6273 days ago

I have it running on a MacBook and an iMac, no problems either one. The font stuff, I'm not sure if that's doing anything or not. Definitely runs on the Mac tho.

Ben Berry 6270 days ago

I'm not able to connect to the server. I get the error when I point my browser to http://localhost:91/seaside/config: "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:91." I notice in the image that there's supposed to be a user and password to access the site on port 91. The browser doesn't prompt me for this, though. A little help?

Elliot Fielstein 6239 days ago

Thanks Ramon for the full-featured web image! By the way, opening a Transcript window in a freshly downloaded image immediate displays output from an active Seaside session reaper -- clearing expired seaside session... Is that what you intended?

Ramon Leon 6239 days ago

Hm... no, I don't use that service anymore, I'll update the image and clean that out soon.

Elliot Fielstein 6237 days ago

Much appreciated! And thanks again for generously sharing your work.

Ramon Leon 6236 days ago

No problem.

Nicolas 6221 days ago

I'm running into the same issue of not being able to connect to the server. Exploring SSKom I see that it is running on port 91 and it does have the config entryPoint and a few others. Any clue about this? Thanks a lot.

Nicolas 6221 days ago

Solved. Aparently the port was already being used in my Ubuntu. Just did a SSKom stop, and the started it on another port.

Piero 6195 days ago

Note that on UNIX like systems you are not allowed to open ports below 1024.

[...] tested it on the standard Squeak 3.8 version as well (which I got from squeak.org), and it works. Ramon has updated his public version of Squeak to 3.9, which still works with my Employee test package. So you can use any of these [...] ]]

[...] Ramon Leon [...]

Seaside hosting redux 6102 days ago

[...] Ramon Leon [...]

[...] is a problem, a huge problem, because Squeak doesn’t have native Sql Server drivers. Squeak’s only access is [...]

Ric8ard 6065 days ago

Ramon, thank you very much for sharing your work. I've only fairly recently 'opened my eyes' to what Smalltalk can enable one to do, but your site has been a great help in pointing me at useful resources. Keep it up.

Kevin 6053 days ago

I just tripped across your website this weekend; I'm renewing my interest in Smalltalk, after going through 9 years in Java-land and Plone/Python. The latter is a pretty powerful application environment, but there's quite a bit that still frustrates me.

So, I'm going back to my roots. I wanted to thank you, deeply, for providing your Squeak image. It's nice ... very nice. I've had Squeak on my desktop for years now, but every time I open it, I get distracted by all that kiddy stuff. Cool, for sure, but I want to do some serious development, not play, and your image provides the way.

So ... THANKS!

Ramon Leon 6053 days ago

In all honesty, I need to update my image, there have been some recent UI improvements in Squeak that make my image look crappy in comparison. I'll see if I can't do that in a day or two.

Nagin Chand 6024 days ago

Dear Ramon,

I had way back identified smalltalk as a better environment for development but never actually did any work in it. I did some work with 'Pascal'. You may laugh, but I still find pascal better than C/C++/Java etc. But smalltalk is a different story. I would like to develop and convert the work done in pascal into smalltalk. I have mostly worked in the field of data-analysis and its representation graphically. Your work and words could be inspiring and motivating in nature.


Nagin Chand

[...] My Squeak Image [...]

[Brain dump]  6016 days ago

Postgres database connection pool in Seaside, part 1.

Installation I will use Ramón Leon's Squeak image. It has a customized UI, much better than the default Squeak interface and comes with all we need ( Postgres access, Glorp, Seaside ). Download and install the corresponding Squeak version for...]

hein 5993 days ago

hi ramon,

thanks for sharing your image and a wonderful website :),

i don't wanna be insulting but i was just wondering when you were gonna update your image... i think it's getting a bit old now

also some of the categories / packages in the sentorsa / refractoring browser aren't shown in the menu, do you know of a way to show the visible categories in submenus or split the menus?

thanks again for a wonderful image, keep up the good work.

Ramon Leon 5992 days ago

Old... it was just updated a few weeks ago, why do you say it's old? As for the browser, no, I don't know and the Omni Browser is becoming so good now that I'm mostly using it.

Bill 5982 days ago

still, when it's not too much trouble ... an update that includes your current browser setup would sure be appreciated :-)

Ramon Leon 5974 days ago


Sungjin 5967 days ago

I cannot open/unzip downloaded DevImage.zip(Dec. 15, 2007) Can you check zip file please?

Ramon Leon 5966 days ago

Seems to work fine for me.

David Zmick 5912 days ago

How do you change the background of the World

David Zmick 5912 days ago

I like the window list at the bottom of the screen!

Ramon Leon 5912 days ago

Just open a file browser and find your image, set as background shows up as an option whenever you select an image.

David Zmick 5911 days ago

Ok, thank you!

Yoandy Rodriguez 5856 days ago

Hello there Ramon: I'm Just starting with Squeak and seaside and wanted to thank you for the screencast and the Squeak image, they gave me a real kickstart( by the way, any tips about how to make my own?) but it seems to have problems with authenticating with proxy servers or at least when using them with Monticello. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me and thanks again for all you have already given.

Ramon Leon 5856 days ago

Make it the same way I do, start with Damiens Squeak-Dev image and just open up the package universe and install what you like. I should really update my image, it's a bit out of date now.

Agnaldo 5841 days ago

It's very cool. I am a good java developer, but i have worked with smalltalk (cincom). Now i want develop rich interface application, you change de design for GUI squeak very cool.

I will learn to help this job.

matthew 5841 days ago

Thanx man, it's way cool! I'm rather new to squeak (been using visualworks for some time) and finding your image really made my day as i was trying to set up a base image for development work. I have a few questions, at this point mostly cosmetic issues related to the enhancements loaded in this image: 1) what's up with those "OBIconicButton"s, where do they get their label and its font from, and how do I change it? "IconicButton"s have a label, but if I set it it shows behind the icon together with the "automatic" one... 2) I'd like to change the way the browsers "disable" their buttons: currently "disabled" ones show normally and "enabled" show like they're pressed; I'd like to leave the enabled ones up and either use a different color or "depress" the disabled ones, but couldn't find where to put my hands despite browsing endless message sends and class hierarchies. I'm rather stuck, any idea? Also, am I right to guess that Morphic widgets don't have an equivalent of the "enabled" attribute, and are always enabled? If so, is it just missing or is it so by design? 3) I also loaded FreeType, and while it works great in itself the font selection menus really do not cope well with the resulting hundreds of items. Is there an easy way to choose which fonts are imported? Am i right to assume I'll be able to use the image on Linux if I bring the needed fonts along? As far as I understand, the plugin is also available for linux and osx. 0) Was this the right place to ask these questions? If not, where? Again thanks for the real good work.

Ramon Leon 5841 days ago

Most of those questions are about the OmniBrowser, those questions are best asked on the squeak dev list as the OmniBrowser is under heavy development. I honestly don't know much about its internals, I just use it. As for the fonts, I don't know that either, I use the ones already installed and just use code to set my font preferences. I don't have the script handy, or I'd show it.

peter 5805 days ago

I have tried to download the dev image but got a permission problem. Is the image still available ? Can I get it from somewhere else ? Thanx for a help ..

Ramon Leon 5804 days ago

My bad Peter, permission problem, fixed, it's available.

peter 5804 days ago

Thank you Leon - sorry for being impatient :-)) downloading right now ...

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