1 February 2009 > Squeak Image Updated... To Pharo!

Just a quick notification that I updated my pharo image.

It's based on Damien Cassou's latest Pharo Dev Image. I switched to Pharo a couple of months ago and so far it rocks. Best Squeak image I've had to date and it's really nice to see the cleanup and UI work they're doing that Squeak was so desperately in need of.

Keep up the great work guys! Pharo is coming along nicely and looks more and more professional every day.

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Sungjin Chun 5650 days ago

Do you use this image for deployment too? For me, I'm using my own mvc based "small" image for deployment... Pharo image(especially with seaside) is rather big to me.

Ramon Leon 5650 days ago

No I don't, development images are far too large for deployment, a server image doesn't need all those fancy tools. I still deploy code using a stock bare 3.9.1 image, for the time being.

c├ędrick 5646 days ago

nice to see it...

I'll suggest Pharamon as a name ;o)

see ya

ps: do you generate the captcha with smalltalk ?

Ramon Leon 5646 days ago

lol, c'mon now, I'm not to the point of naming my images.

As for the captcha, yea, found it here...

stephane Ducasse 5643 days ago

Our goal is to produce smaller core image than 3.9.1 so that you guys can serve seaside with it. We will continue

Ramon Leon 5642 days ago

Oh I know, I just haven't gotten around to redeploying any of my existing apps in Pharo core yet. I did hit my first bug the other day caused by a difference between my Pharo dev image and my Squeak production image, so it's getting about time I did migrate my production stuff to Pharo core.

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