13 April 2008 > Squeak Image Updated

Just a quick notification that I updated my squeak image.

It's based on Damien Cassou's latest Squeak Dev Image (Squeak 3.9.1), an awesome base image with all the necessary goodies a developer needs. This image is a bit smaller than previous ones because I've taken Glorp out since I'm not currently using it anymore. I've also dumped the windows native fonts and use different default fonts due to my working from both Windows and Linux these days.

rST (Remote Smalltalk) is now loaded because I plan on experimenting with it a bit. OSProcess is part of my default setup as well, on the Linux side, it's quite useful.

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cdrick 5915 days ago

Hi Ramon...

Thanks again for your image. It's nice to see how a personnal image looks like. It's a good example to see how people program in smalltalk by gently extending their image.

So I had a closer look to some stuffs, and in particular SSForm (nice example of pragma uses). It seems to me it's a kind of Magritte framework specialized in forms generation for seaside only, so it's probably quicker to use. Is it how you see it ? Also, there is no straight viewers or do I miss something ? Anyway viewers are not a problem compared to entry forms...

So is SSForm a new strategy (to replace Magritte) for your editors, an experimentation or you plan to use both magritte and your SSForms (I see SSAdminBase uses magritte for instance but it's older).

See you, and thanks for all this nice code examples ;)

Ramon Leon 5915 days ago

Yes, I no longer use Magritte for building forms, I build forms with SSForm. SSForm uses meta data from the model in the form of pragmas to render itself. It's just for entry forms, and its big advantage over Magritte is simplicity and the ability to drop into raw Seaside by overriding the render method for a field to do fancy Ajax stuff when you feel the need. Magritte is too meta, and requires too much brain power to extend and customize. SSForm is much simpler, more straightforward, and is pure Seaside and pragmas, no crazy meta model to learn. SSForm also keeps all fields for a model in a single view making it vastly easier to have field to field or multiple field interactions.

Sophie 5914 days ago


I'm using SSForm and really like it. If you try it out as well, perhaps we should consider all working off a common project.


cdrick 5914 days ago


Yes that could be a good idea. But right now, I won't use it, as I'm very busy until june at least. So I'm just open an image to relax from time to time :) (I guess I'm addicted really now ! ).

Anyway, I'll definitly have a closer look at it and I'm sure lots of people will like this as a separate squeaksource project.

Right now, I just wonder how relations are "established" between objects. In other words, what are the equivalents for OneToOne and OneToMany relations in magritte ? Is it possible to express such relations in SSForm ? I tried to implement a simple model,a Person (name adress) and Adress (city code). Do I need to declare two forms, one for person and one for adress and then declare somehow the relation... ?


Ramon Leon 5914 days ago

One of the reasons I haven't open sourced this just yet is that I haven't dealt with multiple model editing. It'll get there, I've just been busy. The current solution would be to use the form as it's own model, give it all the necessary fields, and after successful commit, update your actual model objects manually. Right now it's pretty much optimized for single model editing, or forms with no model, like login forms or email forms and such.

cdrick 5914 days ago

ok thanks for both informations :)

While doing my single example, I was looking for a pragma telling the relation like for :



So actually doing two forms was influenced by Magritte and a bad idea here I think as one is enough. I imagine you're also thinking on validation of multiple conditions on several models. I particularly appreciated how you dealt with it in Magritte (didn't found by myself the container trick)

Anyway, thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to hear more on that ;-)...

See you

Stephan Eggermont 5813 days ago

Hello Ramon,

Is SSFormTest not supposed to work? In renderContentOn: I get a 'Non-boolean receiver' in ifTrue: [ form multipart ]

Ramon Leon 5813 days ago

Should work, make sure you're running the latest code from SqueakSource.

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