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OK, so I'm finally going to try out this Twitter thing. I still don't see why everyone is so obsessed about it but what the heck, they are, so maybe it is cool. Maybe some micro blogging will get me back in the mood to do some real blogging. If any of you guys are twitterers, come follow me so I have someone to tweet to.

Started working on a GLASS project, so maybe I'll tweet about that, and eventually blog about it as well (so far it frakking rocks).

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Norbert Hartl 5544 days ago


I really like to talk to you about GLASS. I'm into it since a few months. But regarding twitter: I never understood it and I'm reluctant to try, too.

I'm looking for the opposite. Reduce mailing lists, social networks. Let's say filter more of the background noise to be able to get to real work again.

Ramon Leon 5544 days ago

Norbert, you can hop on IM or IRC any time and talk to me about GLASS. My IM's are gnaritas on AOL, gnaritas2002 on yahoo, and ramon.leon@gmail.com on googletalk, or just give me a heads up to meet you in some IRC channel.

As for twitter, I still don't see how they're going to make a business out of it, but I think I'm starting to see the attraction. It's like blogging without the writing. The hard part about blogging, for me anyway, is coming up with a topic and title. Twitter skips all that, you just blurt out short thoughts, get a little conversation going.

Randal L. Schwartz 5544 days ago

And if you want to follow me, I'm http://twitter.com/merlyn

Ramon Leon 5544 days ago

Already do, how do you think I found you in the karaoke bar the other night?

Norbert Hartl 5544 days ago

Hmmm, maybe I'm too slow. At the moment I'm trying to find out if blogging suits me. So far only short bla entries :)

Kevin Driedger 5543 days ago

I'm starting a GLASS project myself. I remember hacking on GemStone back in the 90s and haven't found anything quite as nice since.

Germ├ín Arduino 5542 days ago

When I started using Twitter thinked "One more tool to loss time". With the time I appreciated its usefulness in several aspects.

I'm not a fan of Twitter, but...like it sometimes.

Also I don't force myself to being twitting all the time, somedays I twitt, somedays not use it al all, depending of my activities and free time and needs.

In any case my Twitter id is http://twitter.com/garduino :)

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